Monday (8/06) – Sunday (8/12)

Monday (8/06) After leaving the Iran Nuclear Deal, the US is restoring sanctions on Iran at midnight today. Facebook takes down Alex Jones’ content on their platform, joining YouTube and Apple in these efforts. President Donald Trump admits the 2016 meeting at Trump … Continue reading Monday (8/06) – Sunday (8/12)

Welcome to Parties and Policies!

Welcome to Parties and Policies. Here, you can browse through the events of the week, my Opinions and Interviews with politicians and people from around the globe on politics and stories in History and Economics. 

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  • Opinions
    • On this page, you can find my opinions on topics ranging from the current administration to social politics to simply debunking incorrect information. I base some of these off of my own answers on Quora to questions asked of me. A subsection of this group, called Reader-Submitted Articles, is quite self-explanatory. If you want more information on this, you can always contact me or submit an article yourself. 
  • History and Economics
    • No discussion of politics can leave out history and economics. However, I discuss history and economics beyond simply the scope of politics. Under the History section, I talk about long-forgotten historical figures and important events in history that have changed mankind, for better or for worse. Under the Economics tab, I discuss global economics, political economics and the monetary policies of both parties.

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