Monday (9/03) – Sunday (9/09)

Monday (9/03) President Trump blasts Jeff Sessions on Twitter for charging GOP lawmakers up for re-election House Democrats plan investigations into President Trump’s finances, among other things, as their chances of winning one house of Congress increases Many companies are saying President Trump … Continue reading Monday (9/03) – Sunday (9/09)

Monday (8/27) – Sunday (9/02)

Monday (8/27) The US and Mexico have reached a trade deal regarding NAFTA, but they threaten to leave Canada out in the process A federal court throws out North Carolina’s congressional districts for gerrymandering and may require them to change for the midterms reading Monday (8/27) – Sunday (9/02)

What August’s Primary Results Mean for the Midterms (Washington)

On August 7th of 2018, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Washington held their primaries for the midterms, the colloquial term for the bi-annual congressional elections that take place between two presidential elections. There was also a special election in Ohio’s 12 Congressional district, after the Republican … Continue reading What August’s Primary Results Mean for the Midterms (Washington)